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|| Announcement ! || * CALL FOR PAPERS * Volume.1, Issue.2, Dec, 2018 is OPEN (Deadline for manuscript submission is Nov,30, 2018 < ASSIRJ-Applied and Social Sciences International Research Journal is scholarl biannual peer review International Journal (ISSN: (e) xxxx-xxxx (p) xxxx-xxxx)||

Editorial Procedure

Work flow of ASSIRJ

Every submitted manuscript to the ASSIRJ journal undergoes the course of the peer-review process.

> Once a manuscript is submitted, the manuscript is assigned to Editors to check the scope, quality and preparation of the manuscript according to the guideline provided by the ASSIRJ.

> If the Editors determines that the manuscript is not of sufficient quality to go through the normal review process or if the subject of the manuscript is not appropriate to the journal scope, then the manuscript is rejected without further processing.

> If it is determined that the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and falls within the scope of the journal, he/she assigns the manuscript to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 external reviewers for peer-review.

> The reviewers submit their reports on the manuscripts along with their recommendation of one of the following actions to the Editor in Chief or assigned editors.

> Publish Unaltered
> Consider after Minor Changes
> Consider after Major Changes
> Reject: Manuscript is weak or not sufficiently innovative

> When all reviewers have submitted their reports, the Editor in Chief can make one of the following editorial recommendations:

> Publish Unaltered
> Consider after Minor Changes
> Consider after Major Changes
> Reject
> If the Editor in Chief recommends "Publish Unaltered," the manuscript is accepted for publication.

> If the Chief Editor recommends "Consider after Minor Changes," the authors are notified to prepare and submit a final copy of their manuscript with the required minor changes suggested by the reviewers.

> The Editor in Chief reviews the revised manuscript after the minor changes have been made by the authors. Once the Chief Editor is satisfied with the final manuscript, the manuscript can be accepted.

> If the Editor in Chief recommends "Consider after Major Changes," the recommendation is Communicated to the authors. The authors are expected to revise their manuscripts in accordance with the changes recommended by the reviewers and to submit their revised manuscript in a timely manner. Once the revised manuscript is submitted, the Chief Editor can then make an editorial recommendation which can be "Publish Unaltered" or "Consider after Minor Changes" or "Reject."

> If the Editor in Chief recommends rejecting the manuscript, the rejection is immediate. Also, if two of the reviewers recommend rejecting the manuscript,

ISSN: (e) xxxx-xxxx
(P) xxxx-xxxx

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